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Simple Poll Plugin
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SimplePoll provides quick and simple polling solution for AbleCommerce stores. It is a simple and uncomplicated solution for merchants who want to conduct polls on their stores. With SimplePoll merchants can define polls in merchant admin console. A poll that is marked active is displayed on the store side for user to respond to. The results of a poll are displayed inline using AJAX. Both registered and anonymous users can take part in the polls.
Polls are a powerful marketing tool. If you are eager to learn about your customer’s opinions about any topic including weather, politics or your own store and its products, you can simply create a poll and get customer opinions. The poll occupies a small amount of space on your pages and is likely to be answered by many people. Poll results can be immediately displayed in the form of a “bar chart” after an answer is submitted. A merchant may chose to display results only when a poll is closed.

SimplePoll is a replacement of our QuickPoll plugin. In simple poll we have further simplified the polls by removing some features that could cause confusion. Also results are now shown inline in the same box where poll question is asked. No more loading of a new page. A much more improved bar-chart is now used. We have eliminated the pie chart option from SimplePoll.


  • Quick and simple polling solution.
  • Unlimited answers for a poll question.
  • The poll marked active by the merchant is displayed for customers to participate.
  • Polls can have start date and an end date during which they are active for polling.
  • Option to display results of active poll or displaying the results only when poll is closed or expired
  • Results displayed using Bar Chart.
  • Both Registered and Anonymous users can also vote for a poll
  • Fully Integrated with AbleCommerce merchant admin
  • Easy to use ConLib controls that can be used on any page easily

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