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New Arrivals ConLib Control
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New Arrivals ConLib control for AbleCommerce 7x stores allows you to display newly arrived products in your store pages anywhere you like. This helps you promote and increase visibility of your new products. It helps your regular customers in making quick decision about what they need to check on your store.
Depending on the type of store products, it could be very important to let the visitors know about the new product arrivals. Your customers could just be regularly visiting your store in anticipation of something new. In that case if something new arrives it is very important that your customers immediately find it out.
In AbleCommerce 7 there is no out-of-the-box control to let you display new products on your store. You can do it with customization and you may find helpful code in AbleCommerce forums.
This free controls by Plugables makes your life easier. All you need to do is to just drop this control in your ConLib folder and start using it in your scriptlets.

For more details on installation and usage check the blog entry for New Products add-on.

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