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InfoBox or Random Information Box is a ConLib user control for AbleCommerce that provides an easy way to display random information boxes on your store. For example random quotes, client testimonials, news items and etc. The controls reads information items from an XML file that you can put anywhere in your store. The information items from the file are randomly displayed at the place where this InfoBox control is used.


  • Display any piece of information randomly on your store
  • Multipurpose - random quotes, client testimonials, news items or anything you like
  • Uses structured XML file for input data
  • Simple ConLib control that you just copy to your ConLib folder of AbleCommerce installation
  • Supports many configuration parameters to customize the display
  • Customizable using CSS
  • Source available for further customization


After downloading extract the InfoBox.zip and copy the files to their corresponding folders.

  • Copy InfoBox.ascx and InfoBox.ascx.cs files to ConLib folder of your AbleCommerce installation
  • Copy InfoBox.css file to your current theme folder in App_Themes
  • Copy InfoItems.xml file to App_Data folder

InfoBox is now ready to be used in your scriptlets. See ConLib Configuration for more details.

ConLib Configuration

In your scriptlets you can simply use [[ConLib:InfoBox]] at the place where you want to get your info items displayed.

[[ConLib:InfoBox SourceFile="App_Data/InfoItems.xml" Caption="Quotes" ShowTitle="true" ShowAuthor="true" ShowCompany="false" ShowDate="false" ]]

  • SourceFile property indicates the file to load the info items from
  • Caption property indicates the caption to set for the display box
  • ShowTitle property indicates whether to display the info item's title or not
  • ShowAuthor property indicates whether to display the author name or not
  • ShowCompany property indicates whether to display the company name or not
  • ShowDate property indicates whether to display the info item's date or not

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