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Featured Categories
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Featured Categories Add-On implements an important missing feature in AbleCommerce 7 - that the merchants can define featured products but they can not define featured categories.
This add-on allows merchants to define featured categories in AbleCommerce merchant admin. The accompanying ConLib control allows them to display the featured categories on their store where they want.


  • Define featured categories in merchant admin
  • Display featured categories in your store
  • No changes required to the database
  • Easy to install and use
  • Supports many configuration parameters to customize the display
  • Customizable using CSS
  • Source available for further customization


After downloading Plugables_FeaturedCategories.zip, extract it to a temporary folder and then copy all files from WebSite folder to your store's home directory.

The files Admin/Catalog/EditCategory.aspx and Admin/Catalog/EditCategory.aspx.cs will be overwritten. If you have previously customized these files please make sure to take manually merge the changes. If you haven't customized these files you can overwrite them safely. However it is strongly recommended that you take backup of these two files before overwriting them.


Once Featured Categories add-on is installed, when you edit a category in AbleCommerce merchant admin you will see an additional checkbox field titled 'Featured'. You can check or uncheck this to make a category featured or not featured.

Featured Categories add-on has a ConLib control that allows you to display featured categories in your store. In your scriptlets you can simply use [[ConLib:Plugables/FeaturedCategories]] at the place where you want to get your featured categories to be displayed.

[[ConLib:Plugables/FeaturedCategories Caption="Featured Categories" Columns="2" ThumbnailPosition="LEFT" Orientation="HORIZONTAL"]]

Caption : This property can be used to set the caption for featured categories display. The default caption is 'Featured Categories'.
Columns : This property can be used to set the number of columns to display. The default value is 2.
ThumbnailPosition : This property can be used to set the position of the category thumbnail in display. Valid values are "LEFT" and "TOP". The default value is LEFT.
Orientation : This property can be used to set the display orientation. Valid values are "HORIZONTAL" and "VERTICAL". The default value is "HORIZONTAL".

Check the blog article for more details. Featured Categories Add-On

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