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Ajax Popup login control by Plugables allows the users to login right there on the same page without ever leaving it and without ever losing the focus and attention. This control can be used on any page in AbleCommerce and is especially useful on the checkout page.

For interactive and user friendly stores an important aspect is how easily the users can achieve common tasks without having to navigate through a number of pages. Login to the store is one such task. Default AbleCommerce implementation forces users to go to the login page in order to be able to log in to the store. This is very inconvenient especially in the checkout process.

Customers who start as anonymous users, add items to the basket and start checkout. On checkout page they are asked to login. If they click on login link they are navigated away from the checkout page. You do not want customers to get distracted to a new page during the important process of checkout. You do not want abandoned basket just because a customer got distracted.

You don’t have to worry about this anymore if you use Ajax Popup login control by Plugables. It will allow the users to login right there on the same page without ever leaving it.

Ajax Popup login control also supports captcha. This is a feature that you will find missing on normal implementations of pop up login for AbleCommerce. Even AbleCommerce’s own implementation at http://www.ablecommerce.com does not support captcha yet.

In a standard AbleCommerce store there is a login link in the header. You can simply replace that login link with the Ajax Popup Login control as follows.

You can see a live demo of Ajax popup login control right here on this website.

[[ConLib:Plugables\AjaxPopUpLogin LinkText="Login" HeaderText="Registered Users Sign In ... "]]

Text to be used for the login link
Text to be uses as the header caption of the popup dialog box

For more discussion on ajax popup login visit our blog.

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